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useful websites for lectors and commentators


Daily Readings (English)

Daily Mass Readings based on the New American Bible Lectionary with podcast

Sunday Readings (Filipino)

Filipino Liturgy

Biblical Words (English)

Listen to pronunciation of Biblical Words

Biblical Words (Filipino)

Listen to pronunciation of Biblical Words in Filipino

Euchalette Missal

Download free copies of the Euchalette

Sambuhay Missal

Download copies of Sambuhay

Our Offical FB Page

Get Angsalitips and touch base with other lectors/commentators

Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission

Know upcoming ALC Manila activities and schedules

Audio recordings of English words' pronunciation

The Word Exposed

Watch the latest episodes of Cardinal Chito Tagle's Sunday Readings' Reflections

Verbum Domini

Download PDF copy of Verbum Domini

Listen to "Bisperas sa Veritas" at DZRV 846 AM by Fr. Salvatore Putzu,SDB every Saturday evening from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, a pastoral-spiritual discussion in English and Filipino of the next day's Gospel & readings.





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